Samuel eze philip
3 min readJul 10, 2022


How I Got Access to the first freelancing-writing site that paid me in Dollars as a Beginner Without demanding for Sample or portfolio

I have been working as a ghostwriter offline for other freelancers for years until 2022 when I decided to try out a freelancing site(randomly). I do not have any experience in chatting with clients as a freelancer. But with the help of Livingstone research, I did an excellent job for my first client on Fiverr(An academic work). So I will tell you how I got access to this platform and how it has paid me for my work, and you can give it a try.

Livingstone is an academy site that employs freelancers who can write academic-related articles. These are very simple to deal with, and most times utilize the APL and MLA format of writing because most of their clients are US/Canadian students. And they have easy application steps that test your English proficiency and two subjects you are good at, so you are mainly doing people assignments. The first stage is an objective English test, which comprises 24 questions that you have to pass a minimum of 80%. Sincerely they do repeat questions, so there is no need to panic. You can check YouTube for Livingstone English test answers. So this is a bonus for you. Then, once you pass these first stages, you will go to the second stage. It is also an objective aspect. They will test you on the subjects you picked (I do select math and chemistry). This stage comprises 15 questions (Note; they all have their stipulated time, so you need to be fast and work smartly) on one of your subject choice. Then the final stage is a written test, depending on what you picked. And you are to submit it as DOCX or Doc(So it is essential you should be good at using your Microsoft Word or Google Docs. For me, I use Google Docs). In this final stage, you are given more time, between 24 to 48hours. But I will advise you to submit it on time so that you start on time and have a satisfactory rating for quick delivery. At this stage, you can browse and do research on how to go about the topic given to you.

Remember, the tone should be formal, professional, academic, and knowledgeable recall is an academy site. Once you finish the final test, ensure you run a grammar and plagiarism test on the project. I do use the Grammarly app for grammar and for checking plagiarism. And after two days, they will email you or send an SMS to your phone number to tell you if you are approved. But note once you pass the first and second stages, your chances of becoming approved is 60%. Ensure you select the subject you are good at and do it well. If you succeed, a $5-$10 bonus awaits you. They do give a lot of bonuses when you render excellent work.

Once you are in the Livingstone platform, I have little advice for any newbie writers on this site; only write on things you are good at and ensure you do it well. Follow the instruction according to the clients’ requirements and try to be online too. A call or email can come anytime for you to review the work. And if you follow up on these strategies, you can make up to $100 a week. I made $58 the first week I worked there. Yes, their pay is low, but my first work was $18 and my second $15, and then some $3-$5 work. I do not wait for them to send me a message to round up. You may be asking why I did not make up to $100. Yes, because I do not follow instructions properly and am not always online. That is why they deducted a lot of money from my account.

Note; they are strict, but you can get good pay from them, and I’m sure you can make 300-$400 a month from this site if it is only writing you are doing. You can give it a shot.

You can cash out twice a month, and they have a lot of payment output ranging from PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, and transfers, and they are adding stripe and Zelle.