A memorable Experience That Gave Me A Purpose To Live Again

Where everything Begins.

We have an experience that brought a lot of change to our personalities or made us do the things we are doing now. Not minding the age, level, class, race, ethnicity, or continent, we always have a significant experience to discuss and reflect on when we come across such scenarios.

Experience that changed me

I asked if this should be the last moment, may it never cause my parent to weep. May he forgive me all my sins. And if he will give me a second chance, I will live my life to adore him forever. Here I made a covenant I can never forget. Still inside this water, not breathing yet. After losing all hope and about to drop my hand to give up and exhale the last breath, I saw myself being lifted by a group of five boys. I never believed I could see the end of that day. The only thought was, what will my parent do? How will they feel to hear their son was drowned in a stream. What will people say? A different opinion was roaming through my mind also, asking God to forgive my sins.

How many cups of water did you drink?

I told my mum that I desire to become a Christian and a religious person to fulfill my vow made in the shade of death.
Every time I remember this incident, I thank him (God) for the second chance to live again.

We all have this experience, these forces that made us act the way we do. We live not just because we do, but circumstance has made us do what we are doing now. You do not expect to wake each day and say I can do it without a pulling force to draw you back to rethink.

We are also human like you. Your story today can make a change in our life. We all have our darkest times be it a boy, girl, man, or woman. Everybody does have a driving force. If not, check yourself and ask yourself some questions; What is my driving force? What is that experience I cannot forget, and why can’t I? It is for you to solve.



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